Whole House/Business Air Purifier

Featuring the iWave – Air and Surface Purification System! 

Kills Covid-19

iWave is an air purifying device that installs in any duct air conditioning system. When air passes over the iWave, ions produced by the device reduce pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke and odors in the air, creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.

As the air flows past the iWave positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, as well as controlling odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles (no more sunbeams) in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

The iWave family of products have been proven through independent lab testing to significantly reduce a wide variety of pathogens in the breathing zone and on hard non-porous surfaces.

Say Goodbye to Allergens
Allergens hitch a ride directly into your home on your clothes, your pets and anything else that comes through the door. Even if you stop most of the allergens at the door — by asking family members and friends to remove their shoes, for example — it’s still a good idea to have a purification system in place. An air purification system can remove a significant amount of unwanted particles from the air in your home. That includes the contaminants that didn’t come in from the outside.

Forced-air systems have filters designed to capture particulate matter. Their effectiveness depends largely on their quality. Quality filters, such as those with high MERV ratings, are better at catching particulate matter than those at the low end of the MERV scale. Unfortunately, the filter on your HVAC system can’t remove 100 percent of the contaminants in your air. A whole-house air purification system can do a much better job. An air purifier can remove particles down to 0.01 microns in size. It uses three components to do this: a pleated media, ultraviolet lights and a catalyst. This type of air purification system attaches directly to your HVAC unit. When air is drawn in, it runs through a pleated filter designed to remove particulate matter, including dust mites and pollen. Next, the air passes through the UV lights, which destroy bacteria and mold. Then the air is pushed through the catalyst, which neutralizes odors and chemical vapors. Some systems can remove as much as 50 percent of all particulate matter in your air in 24 hours. As the air in your home passes through the system again and again, it gets cleaner and cleaner. Removing a significant amount of particulate matter from your home, and there’s bound to be less allergy-related coughing and sneezing, because you have UV lights in your system, your family may experience fewer colds.

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